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As a long-time resident of Philomath, I have seen the growth, traffic increases, change in livability and affordability.

Let's Work Together for a Better Philomath Community!

17 year resident of Philomath

Volunteer Program Manager of Philomath Community Gleaners

Business Owner

Wife and Mom

State of Oregon's Goal 1: Citizen Involvement in Governance

I am dedicated to the continued improvement of transparency and citizen involvement in public matters for the City of Philomath. The importance of safe spaces and open door policies for citizens who wish to participate about issues that are important to them is a right that should be protected for all.

To learn more on the State of Oregon’s Land Use Planning Goals 

My Priorities as Your City Councilor

Strong Leadership...Planning for the Future

Philomath faces some tough financial growth decisions. It’s time to take a balanced approach to community development, evaluate budget spending and conserve our natural resources in order to preserve the future of Philomath.

Protecting Philomath’s quality of living while managing growth is of highest importance.

Philomath 2040

As Philomath updates the 20-year Comprehensive Plan let us prioritize safe neighborhoods, affordable living, steady economic growth and a strong sense of community where everyone is welcome.

Citizen Involvement

A key to an informed and represented community and guaranteed by the Oregon Constitution.


Your voice matters.

Emergency Preparedness

Philomath is strategically placed at a vital point of service in a natural disaster. Established policy on fire protection, water resiliency, strategic food reserves, emergency response and even COVID19 planning are important to stabilize and protect Philomath in an emergency event.

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