My Government Experience and Involvement with the
City of Philomath

Closeup of an asphalt road with bright yellow lines

F Road District of 12th Street

Cellphone tower

Verizon Cell Tower

Campaigned against the proposed Verizon Cell Tower planned to be built directly over residential neighborhoods of North 12th-15th Streets (2016)

Creek with a log and trees

Preservation Efforts

Preservation of Newton Creek and the Mary's River

Aerial view of a small town

Grow Philomath Sensibly

Promotes education through outreach on important issues as affordability and livability for Philomath​

Census 2020 paperwork

2020 Census Complete Count Committee

Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments (OCWCOG)

My Volunteer Passions

Inside of a tent

Advocacy for our neighbors experiencing homelessness

Five white sheep

Benton County 4-H

Supporter and Volunteer

Learn More About Me and My Family

Being born in Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 lakes, I was able to grow up exploring lakes, rivers and streams and unique communities everywhere we lived. Whether large cities, small towns or rural communities, I learned community involvement was the vital key to safe neighborhoods, thriving communities and a fantastic quality of life! Friends, family, neighbors and passionate community leaders all wove the fabric of those vibrant communities.

Catherine and Rachel are sitting on an old fire truck smiling at the camera

My husband Robert and I have been married for 28 years and our daughter Rachel just turned 18 this summer. Our family involvement in our community continues through her service. She is a dedicated volunteer in our community, and has been a committed volunteer for the Philomath Lions, Philomath Fire District, Philomath Library and Philomath Community Services.

My husband, Robert and I have been business owners for more than 20 years of our marriage, almost always working as business partners, side-by-side in large scale crop farming and cattle breeding, developing a greenhouse, gift store and landscape contracting company and then working international transport as we made our way from Minnesota to Oregon.

It was shortly after this that we found the Philomath Community Gleaners program.

For many years of experiencing homelessness, the one stable thing in our life was the security of the food that was provided for all of those years by the Gleaner Program, and the fact that with little means we could help our neighbors by helping to feed them too.

10 years later, in 2018, when stability returned for my family, and I was in position to commit more time to the program, I accepted the volunteer Program Manager position for the Philomath Community Gleaners.

Over the last almost 2 years, Philomath Community Gleaners has grown into a place for individuals and families in crisis to find a safe, stable program that does not judge you on your situation, your past or your needs.

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